I wrote, My side of the Pond as a gift for a dear friend, Curtis Gropp. Curtis influenced my 17 year old mind like no one I had known. He appreciated my quirkiness, he inspired me to learn guitar, and the first time I read one of his short stories I started writing myself. Curtis always encouraged it.

In 2012, Curtis came across My Side of the Pond and posted it on my Facebook page. Since he had the only copy, I hadn't seen or read it in nearly three decades. He suggested having it published. And so, here we are, all these years later. My 17 year old girl's tale of stubbornness, friendship, and sacrifice is now a real book. I'm 17 again every time I read it. And once again, thanks to a friend I haven't seen in years, I'm inspired again to write! I hope you will be too!

~ Inga

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Fritz Frog lived on the east side of the pond in the deep woods. That was where his family had lived for generations, and it was where anyone with any decency lived. He never crossed over to the west side of the pond. Never.

For some reason unknown even to Fritz, he was obsessed with knowing what time it was. But alas, he had no clock.

Dorothy Duck lived on the west side of the pond. She personally thought it was the place to be if you were a refined duck.

But Dorothy Duck was sad because she didn't have any poetry to read.

Amazing things happen when Fritz and Dorothy meet one day in the middle of the pond and soon discover that each possesses something that the other longs for.

Explore a few pages from My Side of the Pond for FREE

Inga K. Barks is one of the most listened-to women in political talk radio in California's Central Valley. The Inga Barks Show can be heard on AM 1560 KNZR, the highest-rated news/talk station in her hometown of Bakersfield, where she has been gaining faithful listeners since 1993. Always lively and entertaining, and never afraid to speak her mind, Inga has appeared several times on Fox News and has guest-hosted the nationally syndicated The Mark Levin Show. She has broadcast from the Middle East during wartime and has been invited to do her program from the White House three times. Inga has earned many awards over the years for her work, including 2007 Woman of the Year (18th Senate District) for her extensive work in California's Central Valley and her efforts in passing Dylan's Law.

When she's not talking, Inga keeps busy taking care of her three sons.

Explore a few pages from My Side of the Pond for FREE